#9: Take a break at Cafe Regatta

All year, Coffee/Tea, Indoors, Outdoors

You know those kind of eateries famous for serving a certain home-made product, the best in town? Well, at Cafe Regatta you get delicious cinnamon buns, definitely among top 5 in Helsinki, average Finnish coffee, pretty good hot juice and… you get to enjoy the atmosphere.


While taking that Saturday walk along the harbour area in Töölö, the Hietaniemi sand beach (or the thing closest to the beach you will find in Finland) or taking pictures of the Sibelius monument from the bottom you will notice a cosy fairy-tale cottage surrounded by a surprising number of tables and a bunch of people of all sorts (parents with kids, tourists, sitting by them at any time of the day, sipping on their beverages, talking, reading – and generally staring less on their miniscreens than usual.

There is a little open fireplace for general use outside, it is like a heaven’s sent in central Helsinki – imagine sitting by the fire (warm) wrapped up in a blanket (provided) with a view over the sea and waiting for when your sausage is ready – yes, if the climate allows bring your own sausages (or marshmallows) and stuff! (ICE you can buy sausages from the cafe – no idea about the quality or price though).

It is a refuge from the everyday. The buns are great. Watching birds scavenging crumbs is priceless. It is outdoors so you don’t really mind the abundance of babies, toddlers, tourists and dogs, it is still tranquil enough. The view over the harbour calms you down. I have nothing else to add.

As you can see from the pictures, the inside seating is limited, but it is not impossible to get seated. Amount of trinkets and decorations is vast. But it somehow works.

More info: Cafe Regatta Facebook