#3: Take lovely portrait pictures at Alppiruusupuisto – the rhododendron park

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I know it is totally unfair to post this in October. I just wanted to remind you that this greyness will cease soon, that there are days to come when you can enjoy the bright colours of autumn, and eventually, after the dreaded long winter, some true colours of summer.

This is the first post in the Parks category, and it is a really good one. Alppiruusupuisto in Haaga is a true gem when it comes to parks in Helsinki. Smartly hidden behind random kerrostalot, in June (I repeat: visit this place in May-June, maybe early July in order to catch the bushes in the bloom. There are indeed several nearly-all-year-round parks in Helsinki, but this one is NOT one of them) this park transforms in probably the most photogenic place in Helsinki, I mean, you can’t possibly take a bad picture in here. So if you are planning to get hitched, graduate or you want your boy/girlfriend to finally take that decent portrait of you (it is completely foolproof, you CANNOT take a bad picture in here), bring your photographer here. You will (both) love it.

DSC_0805 DSC_0812DSC_0810

… told you! Perfect location for that FB picture.DSC_0706 copy

The wooden path leading through the park adds to the location’s uniqueness. You feel like in a botanical garden. Minus the entrance fees.

This park makes a great bike trip destination but it is also reachable by public transport (Huopalahti train station, or Thalian aukio and Eliel Saarisen tie bus stops), abundant free parking is available. The place is not that easy to find from the bus stops so please do your research beforehand!

** NEW! Check out the map with ALL Helsinki100 spots! **

More info: http://www.vihreatsylit.fi/en/?p=930


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